Wednesday, 15 April 2015

(SERMON) Does God bless all church worship? Amos 5.18-27

Does God bless all worship and all church services? No - in fact He would rather some churches just closed their doors and disappeared.  Here in Amos God identifies three issues we must get right in our worship and churches.  1) Good theology which paints a biblical portrait of Jesus and what we should believe. 2) Rituals are in and of themselves worthless to God, He desires obedience rather than sacrifice.  Holy living and a pure heart are the starting point for real worship.  3) You need to worship the real God and not be swayed by new ideas or old heresies.   All of this leads to our churches needing to repent of unbiblical worship and throw ourselves and our lives on the the mercy of God because on then will He bring true revival.

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