Tuesday, 18 June 2019

(SERMON) Trinity Sunday 2019 - Romans 5:1-5

The teaching about the Holy Trinity - who God is - is often shunned by Christians but this should not be the case.  There are three simple things to bear in mind when thinking about God as Trinity:

1.  You don't need a master's degree in Trinitarian Theology to accept and submit to who God has revealed Himself to be.

2. God has truly revealed Himself as Trinity in the Bible; One God yet Three Persons. This means a relationship with God and salvation itself is only found in accepting and submitting to the teaching of the Trinity.

3. The Trinity is Good News because it reveals just how amazingly generous and loving God is - He doesn't need us and never has but still He created us that He might share His own goodness, joy, peace, freedom, and glory with us.

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