Thursday, 21 July 2016

(SERMON) Mark 1.29-45 Diverse Teachings

Looking at this section of Mark's Gospel we consider a number of important teachings:

1) Head knowledge does not save but only a personal relationship with Jesus
2) The utter necessity of private prayer
3) The priority of preaching in ministry
4) The right way to pray for healing
5) Leprosy of the soul and the only complete cure

Monday, 18 July 2016

(SERMON) Amos 7.7-end The Plumbline and Opposition

In Amos the Lord gives us the image of a divine plumb-line against which all of our life is measured.  It shows us when we go off course and lean away from the truth.  The Good News is that in Jesus we have all we need for a sure foundation and straight alignment.  When Amos spoke of these things he faced opposition and today when we speak the truth we face the same kind of undermining tactics he did - so we must learn from them.

Saturday, 16 July 2016

(SERMON) 2 Kings 2.1-14 Four keys to Personal Revival

Jesus is the true and greater Elijah who we must look to in all things.  From the story of Elijah leaving Elisha we learn four important keys to personal revival:

1) Let nothing take you from Jesus' side
2) Let us ask for the right things (Holy Spirit and adoption)
3) Let us never take our eyes off Jesus and Jesus alone
4) Let us receive our gifts and fulfil our calling

Friday, 15 July 2016

(SERMON) Habakkuk 2.1-5 Watching in Hope

Habakkuk teaches us here how to wait and watch for the Lord when we seek Him in prayer.  He then speaks of the folly of trying finding satisfaction, comfort, and certain security in anything except faith alone.  Faith is the foundation for all growth in the Christian life - the righteous live by faith alone.

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