Sunday, 9 January 2022

(SERMON) Lamentations 3:1-27 When you don't feel God's love and Presence...

 Often it feels like God doesn't hear our prayers, God isn't there--in fact often it can feel like He is purposefully against us.  Even God's great prophet Jeremiah felt this way.  The beauty of Lamentations as a book is that it gives us permission to be real and honest about when we just lose hope and God seems absent in our lives.

But though we feel dejected and broken, feel that God is against us or absent, feel as though our prayers go unheard, the truth is that facts don't care about feelings.  God does hear our prayers, God is not out to get us, God is right there and in Christ Jesus has been through all that you are going through.  Great is His faithfulness and His mercies are new each morning.  

We are not to be Christians because we think it will make us happy, we are to be Christians because of who the unchanging God is and what He has done.  When we see this we find the hope that carries us through the dark spiritual deserts.

Thursday, 6 January 2022

(SERMON) Matthew 2.1-12 The Magi and Mission: Being Stars to Lead All Nations to Christ

 Matthew's Gospel starts with the Nations coming to worship Jesus as the New King and ends with the Great Commission calling us to bring Jesus to the Nations. As Christians we must understand that God's vision is to see all nations gathered in worship and joy around Jesus. This happens when the church keeps its focus on the local area, its own nation, and the world.

Lord willing I will be going to Japan with OMF later in 2022 to take part in missionary work, church planting, and training ministers. This sermon outlines the great need for the gospel in Japan and invites us all to participate in what God is doing in Japan through prayer, support, and even going ourselves.

The sermon ends with some words of challenge and encouragement from Geoff Bland who was a missionary in Thailand for many years.

Sunday, 7 November 2021

(SERMON) Matthew 15.29 - 16.12 The ingredients of a saint

New Sermon upload from this Sunday where I was covering at a church for a friend in isolation.

In Matthew 15.29-16.12 we encounter a simple recipe for making a Christian believer--a saint.
It starts with real compassion, a movement of the heart towards the poor and needy.
Then there is the knowledge of Jesus and the truth--but not just an empty head knowledge.
Finally there is the most important ingredient, the one which brings it all together and that which the pharisees got wrong: faith. We need faith in Jesus as Lord, God, and Saviour because salvation only comes from faith.

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