Sunday, 24 February 2019

(SERMON) 2 Timothy 4 Preaching and the Church

With the strongest possible charge Paul commands Timothy to "Preach the Word"

A healthy church preaches the whole Word to the mind, conscience, and heart.  Christians must learn to avoid false teaching and sin by being sober-minded, by evangelism, and by doing ministry in all our lives.  Together we must run the race to a crown of glory - safe in the assurance of salvation by faith alone.

Sunday, 3 February 2019

(SERMON) Matthew 15.21-39 Grace and the Outcast

In this remarkable and shocking passage we see Jesus three times demonstrate three great truths:

1.) God extends His grace to all kinds of people.

2.) We receive this grace in faith: a true faith of honest humility and deep dependence.

3.) Receiving the grace of God leads to many blessings.

Do our churches share the gospel of God's grace to all communities and "outcasts" around us? Do we have the faith to cling to Christ even when the Throne of Grace is silent to our pleas? Do we who believe live the life of joy and peace that grace gives us through faith?

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