Friday, 17 April 2015

Good News in a 'good advice' world

      Not a day goes by when my email or facebook is not filled with links telling me to do things.  '10 reasons to do a marathon' '6 steps to simplify your life' '8 keys to a happy marriage' '12 films that will change your life' and on and on and on it goes.  For every advice column telling me to do something another five tell me the opposite.  We are living in a world full or advice.  We are living in a world of 'do this, don't do that and then all will be better.'  It is a world driven by the basic principle that if I just do more or do better then I will be happy and fulfilled.

      The problem is that even if you manage to get that promotion, even if you do move into that house you always wanted, even if you do get the baby twin girls you always dreamed of, something else will soon come along.  Some new list of '48,000 things to do' will make your heart yearn for more. 

      Easter should have reminded us that in this world full of people shouting 'good advice' Jesus offers us something radically different.  Jesus offers Good News.  Christianity is not about 'what would Jesus do' but 'what has Jesus done.'  The Good News of Christianity is that where it really counts we are loved beyond all imagination.  We are treasured as priceless children.  Nothing we do is going to change the love our Father has towards us and we know this because despite knowing everything about us, including all of our weakness, darkness, and selfishness, God loved us enough to die for us that we might be forgiven regardless.  As we move through the year, let's not forget the message of Easter—your value is not in what you do but what Jesus did for you.  If you accept this radical, counter-cultural truth, then and only then, will you find real happiness, peace, joy, and fulfilment which never ends and nothing can beat and no list of 'good advice' can change. 

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