Tuesday, 17 March 2015

(SERMON) Amos 2.4-16 judgement on Judah and Israel - and on the Church of England.

In this passage Amos turns his eyes onto the sins of Judah and Israel - idolatry and abandoning Scripture which lead to oppression of the poor and needy, sexual immorality, and disgusting practices in the temples.  The message for today is just as hard to bear - what are God's judgements on so called 'christendom' and in particular the Church of England?    We need to repent and reform before we are overtaken by a lack of gospel preaching, an abandonment of Scripture and God's law, the worship of pluralism and false gods alongside Christ, a pervasive ritualism and sacerdotalism, and persecuting modern day biblical preachers and believers: made all the worse given all that God has done in Christ and the testimony of our martyred reformers.  We must repent or as a church face the slow death the Episcopal Church USA has seen which is the judgement of God upon their apostasy.  We still have hope because our God is a God of resurrection and reformation.

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