Monday, 24 November 2014

(SERMON) Jesus IS Saviour - John 3.14-21, 31-36 and Romans 5.1-11

Jesus is the Saviour.  Taking John 3.14-21, 31-36 and Romans 5.11 together we learn four things:  1) we are bad people who live in darkness and deserve hell.  2) God is a God of love, justice, giving, and sacrifice.  3) Because of Jesus, if we believe in Him - and only if we believe in Him - we can be counted holy, reconciled to God as on the Cross Jesus takes all our sin and condemnation whilst in return giving us all that is His.  4) This salvation gives us an unstoppable hope, an irrepressible joy, and an eternal peace as the Holy Spirit is poured into our hearts beyond all measure.

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