Monday, 11 December 2017

(SERMON) Matthew 9.27-31

Fulfilling Isaiah 35.5 Jesus heals two blind men who seek after Him and end up cornering Him in His home crying out "Son of David, have mercy".

Do we chase after Jesus till we corner Him?  Do we truly believe He is Messiah who can heal us? As a Church when Jesus asks "Do you believe I can do this?"  Do we boldly respond "Yes, Lord!"

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  1. I liked your sermon, pastor...

    I feel that I need this, that Jesus cures me. I am so impaired with unbelief. The Law of God is a almost insuportable burden for me, and I don't find much confort in the gospel, always thinking "Am I following something that isn't true?" and "Even if is true, would save me, since I live a so unlawful life?" Beyond that, I think that sometimes I even can't comprehend what Christian liberty is, since I always think I'm sinning...

    I will try to keep praying, and hearing the word.


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