Sunday, 12 November 2017

(SERMON) Remembrance Sunday 2017

Remembrance Sunday is many things to many people.  Like a funeral, but on a national scale, it is a time to weep and mourn for the loss of life.   It is also a time to give thanks for  the hand of God at work in bringing justice over evil and ending tyranny by using nations to punish other nations - something God has been doing since time began.

But it is also, above all else, a time to think.  A time to think on the evil that lives in the hearts of us all and the need for a greater and better sacrifice, a greater and better love, to give true victory and peace.  That sacrifice and love is only found in Jesus as He died on Calvary; not for His friends and family, but for His enemies, for godless sinners who deserved only wrath.

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