Wednesday, 11 March 2020

(SERMON) Mark 4.26-29 Both Outward and Inward God gives the growth

In this simple parable Jesus teaches us two great truths which should lead to changes in how we live our lives.

Firstly, He teaches us to not be afraid or daunted by the task of evangelism and mission whether in our local neighbourhood or on the other side of the globe.  What little we sow He can use and in the end it is always Him who gives the growth, Him who changes the hearts of people to accept Him through faith.

Secondly, He teaches us that inward spiritual growth is something we all must go through and in which, though we should seek to give every opportunity for growth, all growth ultimately rests at the feet of Jesus our King.  This means that we should neither become disheartened looking at those who are more mature than ourselves in the faith nor look down and despise those who know less than we ourselves or have travelled as far along the way.

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