Friday, 16 September 2011


[This is the script of a short two minute video I made during a preaching study week.  We were asked to make a 'Rob Bell, Nooma-esque' video to try using modern media to get a message across.  Of course Rob Bell is, essentially, a heretic.  His answer to postmodernism is to ask questions, dance around them, sell out to modern PC culture, and never give the plain and simple answers found in Holy Scripture - in the Revelation of God who is Jesus the Messiah.    So naturally, when I made my video, I cut the bullshit and got to the point...]

If you ask a Christian if they have sinned then you can guarantee they will say 'yes'.  If you ask a Christian if God loves them, again they will say 'yes'.  But what if you ask a Christian, indeed ask yourselves, whether or not you are at this very moment filled with the Holy Spirit?  Would the answer of 'yes' resound just as quickly and certainly? 

Yet we are called to be filled by the Spirit and the essence of revival is when we can say ‘yes’ to this question at any time of day – that is victorious living, that is living in the light and not in darkness, it is living in a state of complete brokenness at the Cross and openness to our Saviour Jesus.

Of course, victorious living is easier said than done; sin smears its stink in our hearts and corrupts our lives such that living in the light seems impossible. 
Indeed, only one person could ever live the life of true victory and that was King Jesus, but by grace He offered Himself up for us, so that if we offer ourselves up to Him, if we acknowledge that we are sinners, if we desire to have Jesus as Lord over all of our lives, if we present ourselves broken at the Cross – if we break the I of Self and bend it into the C of Christ – then He will wash us clean in His most precious Blood, He will grant us His record, He will give us the living water and the Holy Spirit till it overflows. 

So the real question Christians need to ask themselves is whether they bring their whole life, broken, before the Cross, and allow Jesus to fill their hearts by Grace – because if so, then Jesus will pour out the living water of the Spirit into our lives, and then we can say 'YES!'

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